To be honest, it took me a while to read through the article (Becoming Interculturally Competent, Bennett M. J.). That was mainly because of the difficult terms that were used in his story and of course the layout. In the end, it didn’t really matter anymore. The article explained what kind of ‘divisions’ there are in the world. I’ve never had a look at our society in this way. I think I can’t place my self in one division, because it depends on the situation. But, if I had to choose where I’d belong, it would be acceptance.



Read through Bennett’s article and answer the questions that have been given by the teacher.


Get a clear view of what stage I’m in and support this opinion with arguments. Then, think of ways how I could advance to the next stage. Of course, how can I apply these methods during the trip in Berlin?


To get a view clear in what stage I’m in, I read through the full article and tried to place myself in one of the six stages. After reading, I was thinking about my past events abroad. For example, I tried to remember some situations on holidays in South-East Asia by looking at photos and videos I took. Then, I was attempting to link them to the explanations described in the article. I took this as a starting point, because of the drastic difference in cultures.


I figured out how I (re)acted at different situations and it became clear that I was in stage of acceptance. I was certain that there were certain ‘groups’ in the population, but this reading made clear in what kind of stages we’re divided. It makes a lot of sense, because I think I know at least one person in each stage. By answering the questions that have been handed out, I know what to do in Berlin to get myself into the next stage Adaptation.


As mentioned above, I had a hard time reading it. But after all, I think I wasn’t conscious about my actions abroad and I do think that I reacted in a proper way. I find that it’s a really interesting article and I feel excited to reach the next stage. This assignment was very useful for now and in the future, because at the moment we’re working with a class that has many different cultures. I’m definitely going to try to reach the next stage in Berlin.