Brainstorm Materialism




The teacher shared an assignment in class to think about a concept that you’re going to make based on your personal problem.


Come up with a concept about your personal problem and try to produce it in any kind of way.


With the knowledge from the research I’ve done on materialism, I made a quick mind map about materialism. I just wrote down everything what I could think of related to this subject. Afterwards I clustered the ideas and made interesting questions from it. I presented this during class and got some fun feedback on it from my classmates and teacher.


The questions I’ve come up with were related to durability, because I basically think that we’re not using products to the fullest. We always want the new things and nowadays the products just aren’t made for lifelong durability.


When presenting the durability part to the class, it was quiet impossible to build something that’s lifelong sustainable. So, I’m going to use an interesting feedback statement that I’ve received. That was about cheap things that are easy to replace in life and still are being used by everyone. Around that, I think I want to destroy those objects differently and record it in some kind of way.