Dashboard Wireframes


For getting a clear view on how monitoring dashboard is going to be built, I drew simple wireframes. Together with Wout and Janos we discussed the layout of the desktop and app version.



The monitoring part of our concept is displaying realtime statistics of stress levels. To get to know what has to be in there, Janos, Wout and I started discussing and drawing simple wireframes to find out what elements there are in the dashboard. We did this for the app and desktop.


Find out the main layout of the dashboard and app and visualize this into simple wireframe drawings.


I did some research on other almost similar dashboards on how they’re built. From there on, I shared my inspiration and proposed my suggestions. We discussed what pages that should be in there, so we made an enumeration of the links. Afterwards, we drew the pages and functions in the wireframes.


The drawings that were created on the whiteboard have been finalized by Wout in the program Balsamiq. To see the results, you can click the button below.


I like using wireframes, because it’s fast and easy. The results are often very well and a nice starting point to work out the more detailed design. And so did it again this time. This wasn’t my first time I used it and definitely not the last.