4th October 2016

The first five weeks have passed and I’ve been working hard to get to this exciting point. After a lot of research, brainstorming and concepting, it was time to expose our work so far to the client Acknowledge.


An ecosystem of office products that are being used daily by employees, processed with measurement matters to prevent and overcome sensory overload. In combination with a solution to take breaks more often in a creative and different way.


ZENZE is the name of our ecosystem. It’s referring to sense, but also to Group Z. The ecosystem consists of four products, which are the pen, webcam, keyboard cover and bracelet. For now, only a prototype of the pen has been developed that can measure your heartbeat through your fingertips. These results are visualized on the dashboard below. That’s for the measurement part, heading on to the solution part there will be an aggression room. This will be the place where the client will be sent to take a break.


The people from Acknowledge were pretty impressed by the work every group has done until now. The feedback we’ve received was very useful and got some new insights from them on how to manage our process for the next weeks. It was a good idea to that we’re using standard office utensils, so the target audience doesn’t have to get used to new objects in office. In addition, it’s also great to hear how we’re measuring sensory overload. These measurements can be done by heartbeat, stress level and emotional recognition. As for the aggression room, they weren’t really sure. Is it the right name to use? Do offices really have these kind of spaces left? Costs?

For the next weeks, it’s really necessary to plan some interviews with the target group. Find out what their expectations are and how their daily routines look like. Not only the clients, but we need also input from experts on sensory overload.