Demo 3


6th December 2016

Ready for the third demo. Testing gave us the main insights this iteration and from here on we worked our way through the third iteration.


The concept was quiet the same like last time. To make a long story short, we’ve got the ecosystem of measurement daily office tools to measure the persons stress level. When the stress level is high, it obviously gets detected. The user gets a notification to answer a question about the situation when his/her stress level had risen. The user is monitoring his own stimulus to sensory overload and when this is clear, the user gets a personalized solution.

The demo was set up with three screens, one with the presentation, second with the mobile app dashboard and third the desktop version. Janos and Else presented the whole demo and during the presentation we asked some volunteers to click through our InVision prototype.


The main feedback was that we needed a focus point in our concept. Due to a few weeks left, we aren’t able to develop every subject in our concept. The concept was divided in three subjects, measuring, evaluate and solution. A good advise was to scope our concept and work out a specific part of the concept. It’s better to distinguish one part, than three parts that are of lower quality.


The presentation went quiet well, but the prototype demo could be better next time. It had too little functionalities to click on, which led to problems for the user where they should’ve clicked. For the next time, we need to set goals for the user to achieve, so they don’t click everywhere randomly. Another option would be renew the prototype with clickable functions all over the app.

For the next iteration, it’s important that we scope one part out of the concept and build further on that. It’ll probably be the measuring and evaluating part, because that’s the most important part of our concept.