Development App



We gained our insights from Roy, Nico and the third presentation to Acknowledge. We needed a focus point to go in further, so we took the monitoring part by using the app. To make our product more ‘tangible’, the development started in HTML and CSS.


Develop the visuals of the app, so it’s clickable for the demo.


My part in developing the app wasn’t that great, but I did have a big role in the designing part. So, it still was interesting for me to ‘supervise’ how the app got developed.


The app got fully developed clickable with HTML and CSS. Unfortunately, the functionalities aren’t there because of a short amount of time. For me, the app are alike with the designs I’ve made.


For now, I’m quiet content about the end result. The app would be more interesting if we would’ve had some more time, to build in some actual functionalities. Zanub and Samman are developing the app for Android, but we haven’t seen the product since they’re in Pakistan. If there would be a next time, adding the functions in the app was the following step and of course test it again.