Goals in Berlin




The trip to Berlin was really awesome, definitely would do it again! Before the trip, I made some focus points to progress to the next stage: Adaptation.


Focus on the goals that I’ve formulated in the preparation and try to accomplish them. The two goals were:

  • Communicate like a Berlin citizen.
  • How to cooperate in public transport?


Communicating like a Berlin citizen is a hard objective to achieve. So I started by talking less English and tried to put up my best German. This went quiet well, I didn’t know that I had this much German vocabulary and I could make myself clear. Of course, not very great but in the basic line. I noticed that Berlin citizens are well educated in their English, but still some aren’t. It’s likely they’re more open to you, if you interact with them in German.

Cooperating in public transport wasn’t really difficult. There were some differences though, especially with the musicians within the trains. I haven’t seen this very often at home, I guess two times at most. What people do here, is that they’re applauding and many did give a tip, which I didn’t expect. The second time I was in this situation, I gave an small applause too and gave them my spare change. Another thing that was different, was the efficiency of the trains. The doors open and close much faster in Germany in comparison to our trains. It opens even before train has stopped. The rest was quiet normal, being polite (standing up, helping or making space) to elderly, pregnant or handicapped.


Well, I definitely had some great experiences in Berlin. Especially during nighttime, with some beers, everything goes automatically. The courage to speak German is easier and I can remember that it went better drunk than sober. I don’t know if I should’ve mentioned that, but okay. It’s kind of short notice to say that I’m in the adaptation stage now. I think I needed some more time over there, but I made the best of it.


Again, let’s do this trip again! It’s always interesting to dig deeper in a different culture. During my next holiday, I will definitely keep this assignment in the back of my head, because it simply helps you to get you through the day in a different culture.