Innovation or Invention?




Is our product an innovation or invention? To answer this question, we’ve answered the questions below.


Analyze your product if it’s an innovation or an invention.


We gathered as a group and started to answer the questions that have been handed out during class. We opened a Google Drive document so everyone could type their opinion on the question and discussed it until we got a solid answer.


Is it an innovation?

Yes. Other solutions are trying to calm users down, while our product is making the users aware of what causes their sensory overload and enabling them to choose the most suitable solution.

Two ways to innovate – real life coach → digital coach and compared to other products

What kind of innovation?

It’s a product innovation because we focus more on the features of the application.

The app is a disruptive innovation because the only way to get to know the cause of your sensory overload is going to a psychologist. With the app you get to know the cause of the sensory overload without having to talk to a psychologist.

Where is the innovation to be found (think of the tetrad of media effects)?

Enhancement (figure): The user’s ability to recognise their sensory overload.

Obsolescence (ground): Solutions to cope with sensory overload. For now we’re providing the knowledge about the user’s own stimulus.

Retrieval (figure): Getting to know your sensory overload, without an expert involved.

Reversal (ground): Every user knows their causes of sensory overload and SO won’t happen anymore.

How does our innovation relates to ‘old’ media?

We use a method that is also used by deans and coaches (psychologist) to help people with autism, figure out their triggers for sensory overload. We translated this “graph” method in a digital dashboard.

How can we learn from that medium?

We learned their method of getting to know the cause of sensory overload and added it to our own app.


Feedback is needed on these answers, I’m not 100 percent certain if we answered them correctly. It’s nice to know that our product is an innovation, because we’re using constantly old media in a new way. It’s now clear to me what the difference is between an innovation and an invention.