Interview Roy & Nico


I had an interview planned¬†with Roy Houtkamp and Nico Schloen. Else, Wout and I took this chance to get more insights in the target group. (I made the picture, haha…)



For our Design Challenge, we needed insights in our target group. Therefore, we had an appointment with Roy Houtkamp and Nico Schloen. As a group, we decided that Else, Wout and I would take the interview. Roy has autism himself and is a guiding coach for students with autism at Fontys. Nico is a dean at Fontys, who also has a lot of contact with Roy and the autistic students.


Gain insights on our target group by interviewing Roy and Nico.


Together with the whole group, we put up questions to ask in the interview. Then, Else, Wout and I went to the meeting at Fontys and took the interview. I made notes of the answers they gave and within those answers I asked deeper into it.


We definitely got more insights on the target group now. With these results, we came up with a better solution following on our concept. Last times feedback was that our solution part wasn’t really thought through, so we really needed to find a better solution to that. And so we did!


It wasn’t my first I took an interview, but I still was a bit nervous. I knew we wrote down questions to ask, but I didn’t want it to be an interrogation. So, I tried to ask a question, listened to the answer and then come up with a question a that’s relevant to it. It worked out really well and I gained a lot of information on the target group.