A design assignment was handed out to create a manifesto that describes you as a person.


Create a dynamic document which contains a personal manifesto. It has to be personal, the text and the design. The document has to be editable, because during the semester it could change your point of view.


I wrote down my ideals, normsĀ and values. Then, I combined some of these statements and made short slogans of them. These are very personal and that’s how I got to my result shown above.


I’m proud of the result, because the slogans really apply to me. Next to this, the design is also the definition of me. I don’t talk much, but when I have to I do. But I always keep it short and straight to the point.


There’s not really a right or wrong. Everybody had a short presentation of their manifesto and so did I. It was clear to my classmates and I could explain my choices. The process went well and I wouldn’t do anything else.