Mobile App Design


For our monitoring dashboard, there will be an desktop and mobile version. This article is about the mobile designs.



When the wireframes of the dashboard were finished, I started to help Else with the designs of the app.


Design the app in a way that it fits with our corporate identity and that’s user friendly.


I did some research on colours that would fit to the app and our corporate identity. Then, we discussed the font that we were using. Through the wireframes we knew what would be on which page. Although the wireframes were based on the desktop version, we decided to design an high fidelity version for the app.


To see all the designs of the app so far, you can click the button below. For now, it fits to our corporate identity. But there are maybe things to improve on the designs. How we are going to do that, we’ll be figuring that out in the next iteration.


The results are in my opinion nice, but it still has to be tested. I think it’s necessary to do a usertest on how the app is developed. Not in code kind of way, but more in design. There are some designs left to make, so I think it’s the best move to finish all of these and test it.