Mobile App Redesign




After the flowchart and wireframes have been made, Wout and I started on a redesign of the app.


Redesign the app in a way that it fits better to the user.


By using the feedback of the usertest, flowchart and wireframes, we started to redesign the app. First of all, we got rid of the depressing colours and made them brighter than before. We chose brighter colours, because apparantly there¬†was an association with the iPhone weather app. When it’s bad weather, the weather app had the same colours as our old. Then, according to the flowchart, we started designing each and every step into the right pages.



This process went definitely much better. Efficient workflow and for me a better result. The flowchart gave clear insights on what the app should be focused on, which is answering the question of your own sensory overload situation. For the next iteration we need to get to know if the new designs work, so a new usertest is important again. Test and improve!