For this assignment, we went to another TU/e building and TAC to look at expositions of art and photography. Here, we needed to take pictures of art that connected to our manifesto.



We went out to another building at the TU/e terrain and TAC. Here, we got our next assignment on our manifesto. We had to take pictures of pieces of art and photography.


I had to take pictures of famous photographer’s work and connect them to my manifesto. Of course, the same for the art in TAC. With these photos taken, the task was to describe how they connected to your manifesto.


We went to both expositions, which were very different from each other. The photography expo was impressive, I saw some massive work here and had the opportunity to connect these to my manifesto. At every picture that connected to my manifesto, I’ve read the descriptions and afterwards looked at the photo again. That’s how I saw the details and I attempted to step in another man’s life. The next week, we went to the TAC building. Here were some really vague pieces of art exposed. I didn’t really get the story behind it, but I just took some pictures of it. Later on, I connected the photos to my manifesto and described them in a document.


I found some really good connections between the photos and my manifesto. Your personal manifesto becomes even more clear when you connect random photos to it.


At first, I didn’t really get the point of this assignment. But afterwards I knew for what it was. Standing and reading the descriptions of the photography expo was a good thing to do, because I could understand more of the picture. I had a hard time connecting the art pieces to my manifesto, but I think it worked out well.