Research for Concept




I was doing research for a concept to make on materialism. At first, the main thought was, what if everything had a lifelong durability? And what if we used every object to the fullest? Well, this thought has been twisted.


Document a concept about materialism that can be made in the upcoming weeks.


I had some talks with the teacher and classmates, which were quiet inspiring. It gave me insights on destroying cheap stuff. So, I went researching on the internet for wasting community. Questions that came clear like, why are we wasting so easily? How much money are wasting on food? These questions twisted my mind. Like I don’t care about wasting, let’s waste objects in a fun way.


The main thought behind the idea was clear. Now, there needed to be a concept formulated. This concept can be seen below in the PDF.


I don’t really know what to do different next time, because the process went well. I’m happy with the concept and I’m looking forward what actually results can be gathered from this.