Research on Emotion


In the first few weeks of the Story Creation course will be a focus on emotion. The first assignment is therefore a research in emotion. To summarize my research, you can see the presentation in the link below.



The teacher handed out an assignment to do a quick deep research on emotion. This will be useful for the next lessons.


The first assignment for Story Creation is to do a quick deep research on emotion.


In the beginning I knew that emotion has a very broad meaning. So, I scoped my research in a concrete context. I started searching on emotions in life. What are emotions? Why do we need them? What is the connection between emotions and morals/standards? When reading into the answers to these questions, some more questions immediately came up. How many emotions are there? What is emotional health? I answered these questions and documented them. Later on, I made a small presentation to summarize the document.


Within a second I could see how many different interpretations there are on emotion. It was possible to combine emotions with a lot of subjects. Now I know why emotions are needed and how important they are in our daily life. Without emotion, there isn’t a life. All decisions would have the same weight.


I asked my classmates about their emotion research and as expected they all had different researches. It was very interesting to read about emotions and I didn’t realize myself how important they were.¬†I’m happy I scoped the assignment, otherwise I had a research without a focus.