Research Transmedia Storytelling


Transmedia storytelling… I had never heard of it, but still I believed I surely interacted with one. After seeing the example of The Walking Dead during class, I knew immediately some similar cases.



During class we’ve got an example of transmedia storytelling. It got clear what it was and the teacher handed out an assignment to do a deeper research on it and find an example of your own.


Do an in-depth research on transmedia storytelling and find a case to investigate.


I looked through a lot of articles about what transmedia storytelling actually is. Then, I was looking for some example cases. There are a lot to find, such as TV programmes like Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef. I didn’t feel like doing a deeper research on these cases, because to me they’re kind of boring. I brainstormed about my interests, which led me to one of my favourite superheroes Batman. I looked up all media platforms that were being used and compared them to the main medium: the comics.


I read enough history of Batman and there’s clearly to see that it’s a huge transmedia storytelling case. To see how I worked it out, click the button below to see the presentation (PDF).


Well, I definitely know a lot more about Batman’s history. But, for now I need some feedback on the transmedia storytelling case and I’ll be prepared for the next assignment on this subject.