Second Interview Roy and Nico




Before the holidays, we had set another meeting with Roy and Nico. During the meeting, we wanted to show our progress and get some extra feedback on our product.


Gain extra insights on our concept and ask about how they feel about testing/using our application.


We went with five people of our group to the meeting, which include Wout, Olrik, Janos, Else and me. There we went through our clickable application and asked them if there were unclear of missing features.


According to Roy and Nico, the app was clear for now. They asked us if it was possible to test this application with their group of people with autism that they’re guiding, but unfortunately there’s too little time to realize this. Next to that, we all didn’t notice that we missed out the visual part of getting sensory overload. That’s kind of a typical situation of tunnel vision within the group.


I’m glad we had a chance to talk again with Roy and Nico, because they are very often in touch with autistic people. Our product is pretty similar to their method to monitoring yourself to get to know your sensory overload stimulus. The difference is that they are doing this personally and we’re doing this digitally by using the app. We used these insights to develop further on our app and of course, we added the visual part.