Storyboard Video


The storyboard was made, the next step was making the video. After some small struggles with Adobe Illustrator and After Effects, Janos and I produced the video.



To expose our storyboard, Janos and I decided to make a video of it.


Make a visual representation to explain the customer journey to the client by using any kind of medium.


We divided the frames and started to make them in Adobe Illustrator. Then, we imported these files into After Effects to create the video. It’s always hard to use an Adobe program for the first time, so we had some trouble using it. We’ve put the frames in chronological order and animated the stick figures. It took a lot of time, but still we were not done yet. We needed to find some music and sound effects to add to it.



Not everything went really smooth, because it was the first time for me to use After Effects. I had some experience in Illustrator, but importing them to AE was a lot harder. I had to search for tutorials on YouTube and follow these instructions. Then, we found out we made some design mistakes in Illustrator. In the end, I learned quiet a lot about the techniques that can be used in those programs, but still they’re the basics.