1. Not always freeing my mind, talk more.
  2. Not eating fruits.
  3. Always wanting the newest things, like shoes, games or gadgets.
  4. Not using stuff to the fullest, like shoes, games or gadgets.
  5. Keep motivation and attention longer.
  6. People judge other people too fast. They don’t know them.
  7. Some people believe everything in the news. It’s getting framed all the time.
  8. Giving too much attention to material is a bad thing. Learn what’s really important to you in life, like family.
  9. Not enjoying the small things in life.
  10. Don’t be greedy, share your goods. Not in an exaggerating way of course.



The next step for my manifesto is to write down ten global or personal problems.


Filter out one major problem or combine them if possible and do a deep research on how you are going to explain this. Explanations can be done in any way, e.g. with a piece of art, video, photo or music.


I’ve made a presentation on what problem I’m going to tackle. I made a combination of problem #3 and #8. To get more insights on how materialism is a global and personal problem, I started digging into more sources on how it’s occurring in the world. What are the causes? How does it affect our lives?


I started a brainstorm with the new knowledge I’ve gained. This displayed here.


I found some interesting results on the internet, which leaded to some new questions. But that unfortunately distracted me from the main subject. But I created a nice starting point for my brainstorm.