It was time for a usability test on our dashboard designs, for the app and desktop version. To get clear what we wanted to test, we used the usability testplan dashboard, which can be seen below.


Test the dashboard app and desktop version with the user and find out what elements need improvement.


We gathered around as a group to the whiteboard and as mentioned we used the usability testplan dashboard. By filling this carefully in, it became clear what the head task of the test would be. Before the test day, I recommended to rehearse the whole test. This gave me an idea what the situation would be at Acknowledge and there was room for some finetuning.


The most important feedback that came out of the test were these bullet points:

  • Use more icons in the dashboard
  • Expect to see a baseline of (normal) stress level
  • Depressing colours
  • Mobile app and desktop design aren’t alike
  • The main focus point of the app wasn’t clear


We found this as a good opportunity to send our foreign students to Acknowledge, because this test could be done in English. As known, Wout, Else and I already had an interview to put into our portfolio, so we found it quiet fair to send the rest of the five group members. We thought eight people standing around a test is not really handy. The outcome mentioned above are used in the new designs.