The Extinguishers




The final project on my subject materialism is about to be exposed. The exposition will be about wasting objects with emotional worth.


Build a home made flamethrower, find objects with emotional worth and burn them at the exposition. Visualize the exposition that you have in mind.


Start by finding all the materials to realize the exposition and begin building the flamethrower. The rest will be done at the ‘You Are Here’ store.


The feedback I’ve received during the pitch was quiet interesting. Because of this, I had the idea not to burn just random stuff, but objects with emotional worth. Or faking the emotions could be possible too. I fine-tuned my concept with the insights I’ve gained and for now I’m looking forward to friday.


Quiet strange how my subject escalated completely to a whole different view in materialism. At first I only saw the bad things of this phenomenon, but now I’m exaggerating the whole thought and I like the journey towards my end concept.