The Journey to Success




The last assignment for story creation was making your own transmedia storytelling concept. Therefore I chose a subject to work on, which is ‘telling the story of a person who became successful’. It includes how they started from the bottom and how they ended on the top.


Make a transmedia storytelling concept on your chosen subject.


The main idea behind my story is finding the motivation to become successful. It had to give examples of who became successful and how they were living before and after. There are always ups and downs in the journey in getting successful. For everyone has successful a different meaning, but in this case I took becoming rich.

I started making one infographic about the earnings per fight of a famous UFC contender. This can be other people too, but let’s say this has motivated you to become rich too.

Then, there’s a sort like game where you will be simulating yourself, starting from the bottom, getting to the top. You get to make your own choices, which can be good or bad choices, so you can see now what it takes to get there. Every time the game is played by you, you can choose different storylines.


I came up with an interactive game where your personal journey starts in getting to the top. In this game, you can fill in your meaning of successful and the game guides you to get there.


For me, it was kind of confusing when making this concept. Everytime I asked for feedback, it became clear, but then I started worrying again if it’s right. So, I’m hoping that I’ve done a good job. To be honest, I really had some struggles doing this assignment.