Transmedia Storytelling concept




At first, I wanted to combine my Critical Design concept with the assignment for making a transmedia campaign. But after an endless brainstorm, I just didn’t know how to find the right connection between those two. I decided to let go of the combination and thought of a new campaign.


Write out a transmedia campaign concept.


As mentioned, I dropped the idea of combining this assignment with Critical Design. So, I went looking for existing transmedia campaigns and tried to translate them to my subject. Further on, I searched for interesting core goals of these campaigns and most likely I found that this is a fan based movement. Then, it became clear to me I just had to pick some ‘obsession’ for me and progress on that.


I’m kind of obsessed with the fighting scene UFC, which leads automatically to world champion Conor McGregor. His fighting skills and style, attitude, lifestyle and motivation hits me right in the sweet spot. The underlying thought of my transmedia campaign will be: ‘Living the life of Conor McGregor’. Therefore I brainstormed about different media, these are:

  • A documentary about Conor’s lifestyle.
  • Fight like Conor McGregor in a video game and relive his career from rookie to professional.
  • Books about him, biography or fiction.
  • An Instagram campaign, McGregor tattoo contest.
  • Train hard, use your talent and sign in for an fighting event to win a training session with Conor.


For the next time, I need feedback on my concept. I’m hoping I’m going into the right direction now. If it’s okay, I want to visualize the campaign. I’m still glad that I put away the combination with Critical Design, because I had already a hard time with finding the connection.