For this assignment I tried to trigger the emotion of glory. To stay up to date with my work, I used the internet hype ‘Bottle Flip’. In the video below is the end result visible.



An assignment was given to trigger a random emotion with the use of all kinds of objects.


Trigger an emotion of your own choice by using anything you want.


In this case, I tried to trigger glory by using a video and music. I did some research on how glory is triggered and as a result I came out on a situation by winning things. For example, you score a goal in a football match or you aced a difficult schooltest. I wanted to bring some humor into this project and therefore I used some internet hypes like the Bottle Flip and the dab. Next thing, I needed some background music. I used My Heart Will Go On of Celine Dion, because it was used during the European Championships of 2016 in France. These videos are to find on Twitter with the tags ‘Titanic Goals’. I got the video shots together, including the music, so I started editing.


The result is displayed above. For some classmates it worked, but for some others and especially the teacher it didn’t. That’s because they didn’t like the song behind it. After all, the video was good and the choice of black/white too.


I noticed that not everybody was triggered by the video. So, what I’d do the next time is do some testing with random people to make a better music choice. The process itself went really good, except for the music. I think it’s a matter of taste, for some it worked and for the others it didn’t.