Berlin is getting close, so I’ve watched these three videos about cultural differences.



Another Berlin preparation assignment was handed out during class. I watched three TEDx Talks on YouTube about cultural differences.


Watch the three TEDx Talk videos and come up with two new goals to achieve in Berlin during the trip.


I watched the three videos about cultural differences. After that, I let it sunk in my mind and came up with two new goals.


The videos clearly opened my eyes, because I saw how I really could relate to these examples. So, I came up with two new goals. These are:

  • Communicate like a Berlin citizen. Definitely keep my own culture in stance, but try to understand how to interact with others. The way of talking to each other, how do I greet/thank/help them?
  • How to cooperate in public transport? What’s normal to do for and like others? Like standing up for elderly, letting someone out before getting in.


The most interesting video was the TEDx Talk of the British Norwegian Italian guy. It was funny too, but I can find myself in similar situations. I like to travel far away and explore new countries and cultures during the big holiday. Pellegrino told that he got irritated on other people’s behaviours. It’s all about of a person’s expectations. You expect what you want to see and unfortunately you won’t see this. These videos really changed my view and I’ll try to adapt to ‘different’ cultures.