Value Proposition Canvas (updated)


In the second iteration that passed by, we’ve got an extra workshop on the VPD canvas. Rather quickly we noticed that our first draft wasn’t correctly filled in.



After knowing that our VPD canvas wasn’t correctly filled in, we gave it another review on how it should be filled in. There were mistakes being made on what customer jobs really are.


Fill the right side, which are the customer jobs, pains and gains, of the canvas in with the insights we’ve gained from the user data.


We gathered around the whiteboard where our canvas is drawn on. By using the insights of our research, mainly the interviews, we answered the trigger questions related to the customer jobs that can be found on Strategyzer.


The customer jobs are displayed on the image below at the right side of the whiteboard. With the help of the customer profile table, we ranked them on a scale from 1 to 4, to get to know the most important customer jobs. The table is display below.


The update for the customer jobs was needed. Although, we had some good answers in the old version, but somehow they had to be rephrased. The interviews that I took had a big impact on the canvas, because now we could empathize more with our target group. The trigger questions on Strategyzer really helped out a lot, but still we need some feedback on the canvas.