Value Proposition Canvas


The Value Proposition Canvas makes explicit how you are creating value for your customers. It helps you to design products and services your customers want.



In the VPD course we got an introduction on the Value Proposition Canvas. The assignment was to fill this canvas in and see the essence of the end result.


The task is getting clear what needs the clients have. To explain this more in a specific way, there are a few fields to fill in. On the right side these are the customer jobs, pains and gains. And on the left side are the pain relievers, gain creators and the products & services.


At first, I did some pre research on the Value Proposition Canvas. I looked up what all those fields actually meant and after this I could give some good input on the canvas. We worked from the right to the left. We’re kicking off at the customer job’s field. I brainstormed of what the client expects when he or she’s at work in the context of sensory overload. For the pains: ‘What are the unwanted situations for a client to prevent?’. And for the gains: ‘What are the profits for the client?’.

Moving on to the left side of the canvas, we started with the pain relievers and gain creators. For the pain relievers was to get clear how we are going to prevent these unwanted situations. And for the gain creators is the focus based on how are we going to realize needs of the clients. From there on, we could think of many products and services to offer to the client.


It became clear what the canvas really could do in creating a product for a client. We filled the whole thing in and it’s displayed above. We got ourselves some gains from this canvas, because now it’s more clear what expectations the client actually has. At the moment, I don’t know exactly if we filled it in correctly. We’ve sent it to the teacher for feedback.


I had a bit of a struggle to find out what really the differences were between the gains and the gain creators. The same counts for the pains and the pain relievers. To get this clear, I did some more research on examples of the Value Proposition Canvas. Next to this, I think it’s necessary to always ask feedback on this. Because, if it’s filled in incorrect, you could lead to a wrong direction. For the future, I’ll use this canvas again in the next semesters, because the view of a client is getting way more clear.